Gone Are The Days Of Wasting Hours Of Your Valuable Time “Chasing” Women On Tinder And Settling For Second-Rate Women!

Blake Jamieson locked himself in his house, determined to crack the “Tinder Code” and stop wasting hours on Tinder without getting real, solid results.

After months of thinking outside the box and testing many innovative, counter-intuitive strategies, Blake finally discovered a few little-known tricks that forced attractive women to overwhelmingly choose him on Tinder.

Blake’s Tinder inbox exploded with hot matches.

Once he’d stacked the deck in his favor, he was shocked by the level of response.

The word soon got out about Blake’s cutting-edge Tinder hacks, and sites like MSN.com, BusinessInsider and Adweek were all calling Blake to interview him and publishing stories about his insane success.

In a very short period of time, over 2000 Tinder matches — all gorgeous women — were messaging him, wanting to get to know him better.

Blake Cracked The Code To Massive Tinder Matches,
But That’s Only The Beginning…

Blake quickly discovered that in order to fill your calendar with dates from Tinder, you’re also need to write the back-and-forth messages in way that captures women’s attention and compels them to meet you.

The problem is that quick-firing witty, unique messages that trigger a woman’s attraction is not something they teach you in school. And what good is being “Liked” on Tinder if you can’t take it to the next level and meet up with her, right?

Blake wasn’t having as much success turning matches into dates as he wanted, and so he started reading everything he could get his hands on about igniting attraction via text.

That’s how he stumbled upon the Click Magnet Dating System, by leading online dating expert, Scott Valdez.

Enter Virtual Dating Assistants

Scott Valdez, the Creator of the Click Magnet Dating System and Founder of VIDASelect.com was stoked when he received an email from Blake talking about his Tinder discoveries.

See, Virtual Dating Assistants (or “VIDA” for short) is the first company to ever allow men to fully outsource the process of meeting women on traditional dating sites like OkCupid to a team of experts. The company was still in the early testing phase of Tinder.

Scott had never seen anyone else breaking new grounds so quickly in building attraction on mobile dating apps.

That’s why he decided to team up with Blake to design sure-fire messages that work like crack to get women addicted to messaging you… And, more importantly, wanting to meet up with you as soon as possible!

Imagine What It Would Be Like To Have A Guaranteed Supply Of Dates On Tap

You’d never again need to swipe right endlessly just to get a single decent Tinder match…

You’d never have to wonder why the women you like suddenly stop responding to you messages.

You’d never have to spend another lonely Friday night again…

In fact, when you have full access to the power of Tinder, you will experience the surge of power you deserve when you are able to always have a date when you want…

You’ll be the envy of your friends when you always seem to show up with the most attractive woman in the room.

And when you’re not meeting up with one of the amazing new women in your life, you’ll be doing the things you love instead of feeling permanently attached to your cell phone screen.

But Tinder Is Changing At Lightning Speed

As technology progresses and more people use the service, you’ll find that what works today may not be what gets women begging you to meet up with them tomorrow.

Also, it’s a complete time-suck messaging back and forth with women… especially when you are saying the wrong things to her or are using played out messaging strategies.

You really need to be on the cutting-edge to always triumph over the other men vying for her attention.

That’s Why We Created Tinder Done For You…

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