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By now, you’ve probably heard about Tinder: a powerful new location-based mobile dating app that’s been enabling millions to meet new singles based on mutual attraction. Never before has the potential to meet women been so readily available. The problem is: Most of us guys are not getting nearly as many high-quality matches as we’d like! And even on those rare occasions where you do get matched up with someone you like, she either doesn’t reply to your message or the conversation quickly fizzles out… To make matters worse: Tinder takes a ton of time… time that you simply don’t have! It’s a constant, time-sucking interruption in your life. Especially if you aren’t even getting the girls that you truly desire! This is where the solution that might just permanently revolutionize your dating situation comes into play… and it’s called Tinder Done For You.


“Hold on a sec… Who are you, and why should I listen to you?”

Powered by a company that’s helped thousands achieve success on dating sites like and OkCupid for the last five years, and headed up by one of the world’s foremost Tinder dating expertsTinder Done For You™ packs enough expertise to blow your dating life out of the water.


If you’d answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to put away the distractions and listen up:

  • Have you ever suspected that your Tinder photos or profile text might need a little “professional help”?

  • Are you fed up with swiping endlessly for hours and still not getting the matches you desire?

  • Does it seem like it’s impossible to get women to respond to your Tinder messages?

  • Are you too overloaded with work to be tirelessly “chasing” new women all the time?

With Tinder Done For You, you can finally skip the endless swiping and messaging, and instantly fast-forward to a calendar that’s jam-packed with attractive women looking for a good time with a great guy… just like you. We guarantee that you’ll experience higher-quality dates than you probably could ever get on your own. And the best part is… you’ll see these amazing results without putting in all of the mind-numbing effort, because we do it all for you!

“That’s cool, but… how exactly do you get me dates on Tinder?”

Well, it’s simple. Introducing our fool-proof system that gets you dates like clockwork:

  • 1

    We get to know you during a brief phone call and uncover your most attractive qualities.

  • 2

    We analyze your photos, using a proven, scientific method to determine which ones women find most attractive.

  • 3

    We assemble a perfect profile for you.

  • 4

    We get you matches with attractive local women that continue to flow into your inbox.

  • 5

    We send proven icebreaker messages to your matches and then handle the back & forth messaging for you.

  • 6

    We lock down dates with the women you like most.


“As an entrepreneur, I stay pretty busy. I tried online dating before, but found it frustrating and boring… unlike my friends, I was unwilling to dedicate the time & effort needed to wade through the masses to be successful. So, I decided to get help. And help they did… I had never dated 4 different girls in one weekend before hiring Tinder Done For You. And while it was fun meeting new people, I was most excited when I was able to meet someone I really clicked with.”

Patrick W

Austin, TX

“Tinder Done For You allowed me to skip the frustration and get to the more meaningful phase of dating: meeting in person. As a result, I’ve met many women and go on new dates every week.”

Phil A.

San Fransisco, CA

“What I was not able to do in 2 years, Tinder Done For You did in two months. Now, that’s impressive!! I’m now involved with a very nice woman that I’ve met with the help of Tinder Done For You. I am very, very satisfied with the results.”

Trent K.

Manhattan, NY

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